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Financial Services

Lisa Lively 304.293.8638
Financial Services - Program Assistant II
MaryAnn Matheny 304.293.4002

Cost & Compliance

Assistant Director  Jaime Bunner 304.293.3539
Senior Corporate Accountant
Trey Wertz 304.293.8495
Senior Corporate Accountant Rachel Duzan 304.293.4009
Senior Corporate Accountant Martha Spransy 304.293.8439

Property Management

Assistant Director
Jaime Bunner 304.293.3539
Property Manager
Randy Powers 304.293.8494
Senior Accountant Donald Herko 304.293.5560
Materials Handler Bobby Clark 304.293.5946

Revenue Services

Assistant Director
Shelley Tharp 304.293.3989
Manager of Financial Reporting Amanda Cole 304.293.3967
Manager of Financial Reporting Cindy Currey 304.293.5564
Senior Accountant Jennifer Hoard 304.293.2672
Assistant Accountant David Russell 304.293.3941
Assistant Accountant Debra Brock  304.293.3932
Assistant Accountant Robert Midcap 304.293.8287
Assistant Accountant Shamir Bobo 304.293.3761

Sponsored Research Accounting

Assistant Director Vince Alvarez 304.293.6664
Lead Corporate Accountant Janet Summers 304.293.8620
Lead Corporate Accountant Madhu Devulapalli 304.293.5080
Senior Corporate Accountant Alvin Smith 304.293.8619
Senior Corporate Accountant Janine Bartram 304.293.6669
Senior Corporate Accountant Roxanne Wilson 304.293.8621
Senior Resources Specialist Adam Folio  304.293.6668
Senior Resources Specialist Michele Howard 304.293.8617
Senior Resources Specialist Sheree Caine 304.293.8658