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Sub-recipient Monitoring

The Financial Services Department is responsible for coordinating the post-award annual sub-recipient monitoring process. A sub-recipient is an entity that receives a sub-award from WVU or WVURC to perform substantive programmatic work under an award made to WVU or WVURC. It does not include agreements for contracted services or purchase orders for equipment, materials, or other services.

The Financial Services Department requests a copy of an A-133 audit report from nonprofit organizations and audited financial statements from for-profit organizations or a satisfactory form of communication in an effort to determine the risk of improper use of sponsored funds from WVU/WVURC.

The following link will take you to the University’s sub-award page where the Sub-Award Monitoring Policy can be retrieved:

WVU Office of Research Sub-Recipient Award Management Policy [WVU - OSP Site]