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NSF (Non-Sufficient Fund) Check Policy

West Virginia University Policy
Division of Administration and Finance




The purpose of this policy is to inform University departments and students of the actions that the University will take when an item has been returned without payment.


This policy applies to all University departments and students, including those on the regional campuses.


A returned check, draft or order against a closed account or an account with insufficient funds written to the University is in violation of civil law and in certain situations (amounts over $200) criminal law. The University considers a returned item as nonpayment. Payment of the returned item plus a returned check fee must be made by cash, certified check or money order. The University may refuse to accept checks from individuals who have previously had checks, drafts or orders returned against a closed account or an account with insufficient funds.

The University will seek reimbursement plus penalties provided by law for any returned item. In accordance with State Law, Revenue and Loan Services will notify the maker of the returned item and of the expectation that full reimbursement be received within 10 business days. If after 30 days the returned item has not been collected, collections may be forwarded to a state approved collection agency. The debtor is responsible for all additional collection fees incurred. Repeat offenders may be referred to WVU legal counsel, who may refer the matter on to the WVU Department of Public Safety for civil and/or criminal prosecution.

Sanctions will be imposed against the debtor if they do not respond to collection efforts. Sanctions against students include holds on their records, administrative withdrawal from the University, and eviction from residence halls (if applicable).

Revenue and Loan Services will notify departments when their accounts are charged for returned items and credited for collection on returned items.


Procedure development rests with Revenue and Loan Services.


The responsibility for implementation of this policy rests with Revenue and Loan Services. The Controller’s Office, at 293-4002 or P.O. Box 6001, is available to answer questions or provide additional information regarding this policy.


The responsibility for interpretation of this policy rests with the Controller, West Virginia University.

Effective Date: September 10, 1998
Approved By: Scott C. Kelley, Vice President