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  • Property maintenance is a key factor in extending the useful life of property.
  • Every effort should be made to maximize the use of the equipment throughout its life and to extend its usefulness through proper care and handling.
  • Equipment that is cared for and maintained properly can result in considerable savings to West Virginia University, and/or its sponsors, by helping reduce unnecessary costs of repairs or replacement.
  • The accountable department is responsible for the performance of any required maintenance or calibration of property.
  • Expenses incurred to perform either maintenance or calibration of property is considered a general university expense for both university-owned and sponsor-owned property, unless otherwise specifically authorized in the sponsored project.
  • West Virginia University departments must provide the maintenance necessary to obtain a high quality of production and the most useful service life of property. University Departments should:
      • Maintain the property according to current technical standards.
      • Schedule and complete periodic maintenance.
      • Perform any unscheduled maintenance in an expeditious manner.
      • Keep records of all maintenance performed.