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  • West Virginia University departments must adequately process all property as soon as they receive it. Upon receipt of new equipment, departments must:
    • Compare the shipment to what was ordered. If there is a discrepancy between what is delivered and what was ordered, the department must get the signature of a representative of the carrier (i.e. a delivery person).
    • Tag the property with the proper West Virginia University inventory tag and document the following information on-line utilizing the Asset Acquisition Form:
            • Purchase Order Number
            • Invoice Number
            • Tag Number (TT Number if applicable)
            • Serial Number
            • Model
            • Date of Receipt
            • Custodial Contact E-mail Address
            • Description of the Equipment
            • Employee Assignment
            • Departmental Activity (Owner)
            • Award Number
            • Project Number
            • Location
  • Properly store and protect government property during the receiving process.
    • The Property Management department must account for all items purchased by reconciling the items received to the appropriate requisition documents, purchase orders, packing slips and other documents.