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  • West Virginia University departments must provide adequate storage and protection for property.
  • Proper storage includes the following:
    • Offers adequate physical security and protection for assets stored inside and outside.
    • Protects items in storage from corrosion, humidity, temperature and aging.
    • Is accessible only to authorized personnel.
    • Offers additional physical security and protection for sensitive items.
  • Retention in long-term storage (longer than 6 months) must be justified; more specifically, the accountable department is responsible for identifying the purpose the property is being retained prior to placing it in long-term storage.
  • If the property is government-owned, it may be necessary to obtain approval for long-term storage from the sponsor.
  • Further guidance on the need for sponsor approval may be obtained by contacting the Property Management Department.
  • Ideally, excess property should be processed for re-utilization or disposal; it should not be placed in storage.
  • Unnecessary storage of property is not cost-effective, fills valuable space, incurs the risk of potential loss, damage or misuse, and continues to require records maintenance and physical inventory.