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Subcontractor Responsibilities

  • Departments should advise subcontractors of their responsibility to comply with WVU's Property Management policies and procedures where applicable, unless the subcontractors have approved systems of their own.
  • West Virginia University, as a prime contractor, may loan government equipment to a subcontractor under some circumstances if they have authorization from ONR or other granting agency.
  • If loss occurs West Virginia University must compensate the government.
      • If a subcontractor has a property control system in place that is approved by the government, the subcontractor's records are accepted as being the West Virginia University's property records. (West Virginia University is responsible for ensuring that a subcontractor's property control is adequate.)
      • If the subcontractor does not have a property control system of its own, West Virginia University Property Management may write a subcontract relieving the subcontractor of the risk of loss. (Name any assets provided to a subcontractor and any subcontractor responsibilities in the subcontract.)