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Organized Research – Space Function code 002

Organized Research is research and development activity that is either Sponsored Research or University Research. Research activities are funded by both external sponsors (Sponsored Research) and by West Virginia University/West Virginia University Research Corporation (University Research).

1.    Sponsored Research all research and development activities that are                                                sponsored by Federal and Non-Federal agencies.

2.    University Research – research and development activities that are supported by either of                                               the following:

  • Cost share expenditures that support sponsored agreements classified as Organized Research, or
  • Funding that is derived from West Virginia University or West Virginia University Research Corporation through a competitive application and award process, and where the research activity has at least two or more of the characteristics of  a sponsored agreement.

These characteristics include:

    • A defined scope of work;
      • A line item budget detailing expenditures by activity, function, and project period;
        • A specific commitment regarding deliverables and the level of personnel effort;
          • Utilization and assignment of space; and/or
            • A formal report or response summarizing results or conclusions.

              It is important to note the distinction between Organized Research and Departmental Research. It is the activities occurring that determine whether a space should be coded to Organized Research or Departmental Research. The source of funding for the research project may help determine the coding: external funds are always Organized Research; internal funding may be Organized Research or Departmental Research based on additional criteria.

              For instance, if a professor performs research that is funded by the NIH and has a research assistant that is paid partially by the grant and partially by the department, but the activities in the lab are all performed in support of the sponsored project, the space related to that project would be coded to Organized Research.