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Updating the Space Inventory

Department Space Coordinators need to review carefully all space used by their department and update WebSpace as necessary.

Each respondent should:

1. Insure all departmental space is reflected in WebSpace.

2. Walk through his/her department's space (in all buildings) to verify physically each room's description and attributes.

3. Insure that the physical layout is reflected accurately on the floor plans.  If you need current floor plans, please contact

4. Confirm that room numbers listed in WebSpace and floor plans match the actual room numbers for the space. If this information is different, please let us know and we’ll contact facilities.

5. Review the square footage to determine whether it appears reasonable.

a. If it seems questionable or inaccurate, contact the space survey staff.

b. For new rooms, contact the space survey staff to arrange for someone in
Facilities to measure the square footage and update the floor plan if it has not been done yet.

6. Carefully assess the use of space in each room for all Time Period Allocations during the fiscal year to determine the correct Room Type Code and Function Code(s).