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Types of Recharge Centers

Recharge centers provide products and/or services to other University departments on an ongoing basis that are essential to support the University’s instruction, research, or public service function. Recharge centers recover the cost for providing these products or services through charges to its users. All recharge centers are required to operate on a breakeven basis. Listed below are the three types of recharge centers.

Recharge Center (Department)
A recharge center is a department whose primary mission is that of instruction, research, or public service and whose sales/recharge activities are considered incidental to the primary mission. Recharge centers are operated by a department within the University.

Service Center (University-wide)
A service center is an organizational unit within the University whose primary purpose is to provide or distribute goods or services to internal users (i.e., University) on a regular and continuing basis. Service centers are generally managed by a central WVU unit.

Specialized Service Facility
A specialized service facility provides an institutional service involving the use of highly complex or specialized facilities that incurs annual expenses of at least $1 million or generates annual revenues of at least $1 million.  The service or product provided is unique due to its combination of personnel, technology, or hardware, and it is not easily available from an outside vendor. 

Core Facility

A core facility – shared resources with a research aim.